Experiment, measure, iterate, improve. Running a high-performing, cutting-edge hospital requires a deep understanding of your data. Additive Analytics provides the metrics you need to measure every step along the way.

Compare your hospital to its competitors.

Compare your hospital to more than 4,400 United States general acute-care hospitals.

Chart performance over time.

Measure your hospital's performance on quality-care measures over time. Measure whether new processes or initiatives are having an impact on readmissions rates. Figure out what is working and what is not.

Compare physicians' performance.

Identify high-performing physicians, and use them to model best practices and teach other physicians. Identify and fix problem areas early, before they affect Medicare reimbursements.

Identify high-risk patients before discharge.

Identify which patients are at high risk of readmission while they are still in the hospital. Intervene early, either in the hospital or in the patient's home.