Smart Diapers Analyze Urine, Send Alerts

Pixie Scientific founders Yaroslav Faybishenko and Jennie Rubinshteyn have developed a smart diaper called Pixie Briefs that analyzes the urine elderly patients. The smart diapers can check hydration levels and identify signs of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Image credit: Pixie Scientific

Image credit: Pixie Scientific

It starts off with a sensor attached to the diaper. The sensor contains three reagents combined in a square panel on the front of the diaper. The reagents react with urine and test various health aspects.

A caregiver can then scans a QR code on the front of the diaper with a smartphone. Pixie’s algorithms analyze the data in less than 10 seconds.

If the smart diapers detect a health issue, the system will automatically alert caregivers.

According to Pixie Scientific, aging adults are prone to UTIs. Often, adults with dementia have difficulty communicating health issues to their caregivers. In addition, elderly adults may not exhibit UTI symptoms such as fever, because their aging immune systems have difficulty defending their bodies against the infection.

Many elderly adults are treated for UTIs in emergency rooms several times a year. As a result of compromised mobility due to UTIs, some are hospitalized due to falls.

Elderly adults who suffer from memory loss can sometimes forget to hydrate—putting them at risk for dehydration. The Pixie Briefs smart adult diapers monitor patients’ urine and send alerts if the urine is too concentrated over a prolonged period.

One smart diaper per day is enough to collect sufficient health-tracking data.

According to the company’s focus groups, the average nursing home patient in diapers spends roughly $1,000 per year on diapers.

“They were willing to spend up to 50% more on a better solution. We are going to charge only 25% more.”—Jennie Rubinshteyn, Founder of Pixie Scientific

The company plans to start selling the adult diapers in 2015.

Previously, the Pixie Scientific team developed Smart Diapers for babies. They were overwhelmed with requests for an adult version, so they developed Pixie Briefs for adult patients.

Here is a video about the smart diapers:

Video source: Pixie Scientific


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