Infographic: Health Insurance Exchanges by the Numbers

Both the federal health insurance exchange (at as well as the state-run exchanges have had a fair number of issues. Let’s look at some of the enrollment facts.





2 thoughts on “Infographic: Health Insurance Exchanges by the Numbers

  1. Gennady Shenker


    You have some very interesting information. What I wish you also had is (final) date of the data gathering. At least I cannot find one on this post.

    As for your “wait time” I am waiting for my annual check up with my physician for two months. Made a habit to schedule way in advance. My chances of seeing him if I am sick are in lim = close to zero. I’ll see some trainee/resident though …


    1. Laura Hamilton Post author

      Hi Gennady, the figures here are from November 2013. Since then, a lot more people have signed up for insurance via the exchanges.


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