Healint launches emergency alert app “JustShakeIt”

Singapore-based startup Healint launched an emergency alert app called JustShakeIt.

JustShakeIt is an emergency alert system designed for users who are at risk of having a stroke (or other critical condition). A user can trigger an emergency alert simply by shaking the phone. SMSes and emails will then be sent out to designated emergency contacts and/or caregivers. In an emergency situation (and only then) the user’s real-time location becomes visible to the caregiver, so that he or she can quickly arrange medical treatment.

Source: Healint.com

Often, a stroke affects a patient’s ability to speak, see, and/or move. A stroke victim may be unable to unlock his phone and use the keypad—so the fact that JustShakeIt can be triggered by one-handed shaking is critically important.

The app has been in private alpha with 50 users worldwide since early 2013, and since then Healint has updated the algorithm to eliminate many false positives; keeping your phone in your pocket or purse while moving around will not trigger an alert. Regardless, in the event of a false alert, a user can easily cancel the alert.

Using smartphone sensors as a gateway combined with our analytic technology, we want to give patients and their families a peace of mind when an emergency occurs. In between their regular doctor visits, a patient’s lifestyle and behavioral data can give clues to their medical relapses and help physicians to better treat the patients. — Francois Cadiou, CEO

The app is now in open beta—Healint’s goal is to get 5,000 active usage hours for each Android phone model in order to validate the analytical model and app.

You can download the JustShakeIt app from the Google Play store.


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